Which Type Of Elliptical to Select For Distinguishable Workout Experience?

Elliptical is a versatile and useful exercising machine. Users get good workout session in the sun or rain. Elliptical machines are popular to deliver an ideal cardiovascular workout, but can do more. These machines can assist in muscle development and increase your strength because of its varying resistance and incline levels.

Regular gym visitors are aware of elliptical trainers. Users can invest in one of these for their home gym. However, there are different kinds of elliptical, which differ in features and capabilities. Let’s look into the different kinds and make an informed decision to invest in one of the best elliptical machines.

Types of elliptical

Compact elliptical

  • Ideal for small space in your home or office
  • Compact elliptical are space saving design with no rear drive

Foldable elliptical trainers

  • Variation of compact elliptical machine
  • Users get to enjoy extra features similar to full-sized trainer and easy storage
  • Even if the benefits are same to a standard size machine, foldable model is lightweight
  • It is easy to carry around, store, and unfold (whenever necessary)

Front drive

  • Drive mechanism is located in the front, which seems like using stair climber
  • As you stride, the body leans forward
  • Available in compact and standard models

Center drive models

  • Newest elliptical available in the market
  • Drive mechanism is positioned on either side instead of rear or front
  • Central location of driving mechanism makes these models more compact
  • It is gaining popularity for quiet and smooth workout

Hybrid elliptical trainers

  • A combination of original elliptical and stationary bike
  • Users can stand or sit and easily transit between two halves
  • In front drive mechanism the placement differs, the user needs to sit close to the flywheel

The other factors to consider are which parts of the body you wish to work on with the elliptical machine.

For lower body – If you wish to improve your lower body then an elliptical with foot pedals for standing and stationary handlebar is fine. Stand on the pedals and push them in circular, elliptical movements.

For lower & upper body – A machine with moving arms will help the upper body and pushing of pedals will target the legs via hip and knee extension. In addition, the elbows and shoulders get worked out. The retraction and protraction of elbows and shoulder blades optimistically impacts your chest and upper back.

Commercial grade machines are used in gyms, which are very expensive. They are designed to hold daily rough use from different kind of users. Regular home use elliptical models are created with an aim to fulfill user’s fitness needs at a low cost.

Post Author: Kristen Wint