Trusted Drug Rehab Center

Are you frantically looking for a drug rehab center for the betterment of your friend’s life? Well then, look no further but to lighthouse alcohol treatment. None can be such an affordable drug rehab center with a full array of services. We help our clients to get over challenges. Our main focus is upon the future prospect of each client and their well-being.

Drug addiction from beginning till the end

A substantial evaluation of each client is carried out. We it is examined that the client is in need of detox treatment; we begin with the drug addiction of the client in the rehab with social detoxification treatment in the residential setup. Management of medication is carried out in the safest possible way. The health care department provides an intensive support during the transition stage of the client as well as to their families.

Soon after detox treatment finishes, the residential treatment that is next in line, begins. The setting of this stage is not far away from the main campus. Sometimes, going though the formal detox treatment may not be essential. The patient can right away go to the residential treatment as will be demanded by the physicians.

In the residential assessment, the treatment is primarily concerned upon group meets and all-inclusive individual therapy. Medication is provided under the assistance of the services of health care. Each member of the residential treatment is asked to perform meditation, yoga and send to athletic clubs for five days in a week. The weekends are dedicated for the meeting with the patient’s family. In family meets too, there are several activities.

Added to this, there is a semi hospitalization and an in-depth and concentrated outpatient program. In both places, the activities are more or less the same. However, there is a subtle difference. Here, the activities are dependent more on the progress of the patient that can be noticed in the individual treatment program.


All the programs that are built for the clients focus only upon one idea – the clients’ wishes to get back to normalcy, lead a healthy and happy life. Our rehab center provides to all its clients the necessary tools and skills that are required for integrating oneself in a family, friend circle and community. Besides, we provide to our patients education on drugs and alcohol related problems. We help them in developing a new meaning to life, inculcating new habits and attitudes so that they get a dignity in the society. All these are for long recovery.

A vital portion of this treatment that needs special mention is the integration and the education of the families of the clients’. In order to help the family of the client face challenges with a drug addict, we hold counseling sessions both for the drug addict and their family. During the healing process of the client, it is not only the rehab center that needs to help the client, but also the family should lend their helping hand as well. Counseling sessions for the families are provided every weekend. Join soon.

Post Author: Kristen Wint