Screens For Glass Weed Pipes

If you’re like me and only smoke out of your pipe every now and then when you’re too lazy to roll yourself a joint, then maybe you don’t really need screens. I didn’t use any for a long time but like I said, I rarely smoked out of my pipe. For someone who prefers glass weed pipes as their primary source of cannabis smoke, however, screens could make a great addition to your little stash box.

Screens are exactly what they sound like. They’re tiny circles of steel mesh which act as a filter at the bottom of your pipe bowl, so that bits of burned flower won’t get inside the chamber and make cleaning your piece out any more complicated for you. This also generally stops you from ever having to cringe from the feeling of inhaling bits of weed ever again. A pack of 5 or 10 of these little screens usually only cost about five bucks and each one of those in that pack should last you a good long while. Even for some of my friends who were the biggest fans of smoking out of glass weed pipes, it always took at least a few weeks until the screen they were using would be all caked up and black with resin.

Using these is super simple. They generally come out of their package very flat which isn’t too useful, so what you have to do first is shape it. Just press it into the palm of your hand or better yet, the base of your bowl if possible, and push a finger into the screen so that it bends into the shape you need. Now just place it in there carefully and you’re good to go! Just make sure you really clear your bowls well so you don’t have to blow too hard to get the ashes out. Sometimes it can be pretty easy to blow your screen into the wind along with the ashes.

Post Author: Kristen Wint