Here’s A Guide On Various Types Of Massage

We all live in a highly competitive world, which keeps us busy and makes us tired. We all seek to various ways to reduce our stress on weekends. Massage can be very helpful to reduce stress.

However, it is important to note that there are different types of massage. A good massage can be truly helpful in reducing stress and also offers many health benefits. This guide will help you to choose from the most popular messages.

Types Of Massage

  • Swedish Massage

This is the best type of massage which helps to improve the flow of blood to the skin. It has also proven to reduce muscle tension. It greatly helps in relieving tensed or cramped muscles. Besides this, it also helps in reducing blood pressure, improving blood circulation, reducing stress and have positive effect on overall health of an individual.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is special massage in which therapist applies deep pressure on specific trouble points. It is found to be very useful for hypertension, sore shoulders or stiff neck. It has been found that it works better with Swedish therapy.

  • Sports Massage

As the name suggests, this massage is very helpful for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. It combines Shiatsu, Swedish and other techniques in order to concentrate on areas that are most actively used in sports activities. Sports massage helps to warm up the muscle tissue, prevent injury, assist in training and aid healing of wounds in case of an injury.

  • Heated Stone Massage

During heated stone massage, the therapist uses hot smooth stones which are made of basalt mineral to weigh down and to massage your body. Muscle tension reduces as the smooth hot stones move over the muscle.

  • Reflexology Massage

This massage is based on the principle that all organs of our body are plotted to our feet. In this massage, the pressure is applied on fingers and some movement and stretching is done to pressure points of feet. This help in improved blood circulation thereby improving functioning of various organs.

  • Lymphatic Massage

This massage is very gentle and light and helps in stimulating the functioning of lymphatic system. Usually this massage is done to reduce swelling from post-surgery or an injury. You can experience a good massage treatment at spa nordique de Montréal.


Hope this guide will help you in choosing the best massage for your body.

Post Author: Kristen Wint