5 Natural Ways to Prevent Damage from EMFs

People are naturally concerned about the impact of electromagnetic radiation on health. Electromagnetic radiation, which occurs when equipment and technology gives off an electric charge, used to be considered benign but new research shows that there are in fact health dangers associated with it. Also known as electromagnetic fields (EMF); this is a potentially harmful phenomenon and much is still unknown about the exact threat. While research is ongoing into the dangers, it is best to err on the side of caution and protect yourself with these simple strategies.

  1. Put Distance Between You and Your Phone, and Computer

You are probably not going to give up using your phone or your PC anytime soon. You probably use them for work, and you certainly use them for your leisure time. So, try to protect yourself in the best way possible by putting some distance between you and your technology. Avoid putting your phone in your pocket when you are out. Don’t use your laptop or tablet on your lap while it is connected to the mains power, and try to use a separate keyboard with a laptop.

  1. Stop Using Bluetooth Headsets

It is best to use the speakerphone on your phone rather than using a Bluetooth headset, particularly if you use it often. This eliminates the potential problem of the radiation from the Bluetooth headset and also keeps the phone at a greater distance from your body.

  1. Take Your Shoes Off

Try the practice of earthing in order to connect with the electrons that are present in the earth, which will help counteract the effects of electromagnetic radiation elsewhere. Walk barefoot on the grass or the earth. It is a powerful technique that also helps you become more mindful and calm.

  1. Add EMF Jewellery

You can buy emf protection jewellery that you wear, which will help to minimise the negative effects of EMFs on the body. This protective jewellery comes in all different styles and can be worn on different parts of the body in order to give protection.

  1. Make Changes in Your Home

As well as wearing EMF protective gadgets you can also make sure that you are protected in the home by unplugging appliances as often as possible, keeping gadgets out of the bedroom, avoiding fluorescent strip lighting, and unplugging the Wi-Fi router when you are not using it at home.

Image courtesy of digitalart/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Post Author: Kristen Wint